Paul Brus

I am a professional documentary wedding photographer, based in Sibiu - Romania, the city where houses have eyes, located in the charming Transylvania region, but I am available worldwide.

My main concern is to capture the details that make the difference between pictures and photography, so that the images I create will tell your story nicely.

I like mountain trips, spending time in the forest, and listening to the sound of nature. This is where I started as a photographer, capturing the beauty around me and seeking the perfect light.

Since November 2007 I realized that everything around us is loaded with feelings and emotions that are worth keeping in memory. I hope that every client walks away with images that they will love and will bring them joy for years to come.

If you like my photography, you love natural, unposed shots that reflect how you felt on your wedding day, I’d love to hear your story and start the journey together.
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